Yoga Sigit Jamaluddin – I’ll be The Winner

Hello, my name is Sigit, my full name is Yoga Sigit Jamaluddin. I am fifth grade or second grade for high school of Daaruttaqwa Integrated Boarding School.

I was feeling happy when I sit in this grade before it, my parent commanded me for studying at boarding school, when I graduated from junior high school, first day I felt boring, no friend. And I took a conversation to the unknown man and been a friend, that made me happy, and feeling amused.

I could expressing or increasing, improving my potential – drawing. I had been advising by my brother to improve the potential and study about the useful lessons, are English grammar, physics, Indonesian language, math, biology etc, and I got the motivation from my brother until I could do something and could be the diligent student.

Saturday I could expressing my potential in the language competition, and I said in my heart “thank you for the person who have supported me ..”
I could reach my little dream, it is be the winner, but I was be regretting, cause the boys student could not get the cup.

I had gotten my new experience and I would bring the boy been the winner in the next year. And I would defeating my brother. The girl who has been the motivator for me, and made me into the diligent student and know about the means of life.

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