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Pilihan salah satu pada huruf A, B, C atau D pada jawaban yang benar!

1. Amanda : “Hi lusy, this is my brother!”
“... is Roberto”.
lusy “Hi Roberto, my name is lusy.”
2. Every Monday we always have flag ceremony.
The color of our flag is ... and........
3.  Fruits and…are good for our health
4. Raihan : “ our Independence Day?
Dafa : “ it’s on August 17th
5. I always have my....…before school
6.Reni : “Dewi, you have so many story books.”
Dewi : “Yes, my hobby is.......
7.  The right sentence bellow is ….....
8. I am….... I want to buy some food at the canteen
9.We use our nose to.......
10 …. Contents of vitamin C
11.  A …works in the restaurant
12. Indonesian people always … mineral water after meal
13. My sisiter eats fried rice every morning. “Fried rice” means …....
14. What do you need to make a soup?
15. Father…a newspaper in the living room
Soal Essay ! Jawablah pertanyaan dibawah ini dengan benar dari 16 - 20 :

16. He … coffee every morning.
17. My mother … delicious food in the kitchen every day.

    Look at the Picture !
    18. How Do you Feel ?
          I Am.......
19. There ....… many apples on the plate.

     Look at the picture !
     20 . What are they doing ?  They are........

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